26 Feb 2014

Digital Marketing: Quick Tips To Become Your Own Superhero

People regularly stop me to ask:  How do I market myself, my product, service, business or brand in the digital space?  How do I initiate a social media strategy? They don’t know where to begin.  They don’t know how to start. They ask questions like:

  1. Will I be overexposed?
  2. Do I have anything to say?
  3. What is my message?
  4. How will I have to time for this with my ever-increasing list of things to do?

Every business has a reason to engage and invest in social media and digital marketing. With all the hype and measures that surround these online forums, you simply can’t afford NOT to be in the game.  Remember:  If you’re not in the game, how can you expect to compete – much less win – in the increasingly important, digital, playing field?

FEAR NOT.  We’re here to teach you how to be your own superhero in the digital age.  We’ve complied a short list of quick tips, below, for getting started in the social media/online world.  To effectively launch your campaign and initiate a strategy for creating momentum and getting your brand in the public eye, start with the following:

1. Use Images.  A picture is truly worth a thousand words.  If you can tell the story with visuals or include at least one image, do so.  People absorb information quicker/easier, when it is presented in a visual manner.  Readers are more engaged with content that includes images/infographics and it then becomes easier to deliver your message.  According to Facebook statistics, posts that contain a photo are shared 33% more often than content that does not contain an image. HubSpot ran an experiment in November 2012 to determine how photos affected Facebook page engagement. Data found that images received 53 percent more likes than the average text-based post. In addition to likes, average comments-per-photo increased by 104 percent when compared to text-only updates.

2. Keep Copy to a Minimum.  You have mere seconds to grab someone’s attention. If you manage to interest them in those first seconds, you’ve got them for another minute, possibly two. Make it short and to the point.  Repeat your punch line/sales pitch/call to action (see more on the call to action in #3, below).

3. Use CTAs.  A CTA is a “Call to Action” – language that inspires someone to act or to move on a message.  A CTA should also be short and to the point.  Examples:  “Call now to make an appointment with our experts,” “Stop by tomorrow for your free gift” or “Order now for 25% off.”

4. Consistently Update Your Platforms.  It’s critical that your online community sees consistent updates to your pages.  They need fresh content.  They want (see #5, below):

5. Entertainment, Education, Inspiration, Motivation.  Make sure your conversations don’t solely focus on your brand and selling your products/services.  People want to be entertained, educated, inspired and motivated.  Keep the conversation light and engaging.  Ask questions, get people involved in your discourse.

6. Share content across all social media platforms that are relevant to your brand or business.  Don’t stop at Facebook or Instagram.  Use Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Vine, etc.  Most of these platforms will reach some segment of your target market.

7. Understand your audience and know the language they speak, what interests them and how to convert their mere “interest” into cash in the bank.  Use the metrics on your social media platforms and website to better understand where your traffic comes from and what folks do once they land on your brand pages.

Need help bringing your business or brand to life on social media? Having trouble conceptualizing your online strategy?  We’re here to save the day.  Call the experts at Echo Social Media and Marketing – we’ll get you off the ground and flying high above the crowd.  Your own personal superhero.

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