29 Oct 2018

Public Relations: 
Why It Matters

“I don’t have a budget for Public Relations.  In fact, I don’t have a budget…” said nearly every small to medium-sized business owner.

We all know you have to spend money to make money, yet most executives are reluctant to sign those advertising, marketing and PR checks. But marketing, advertising and public relations need to be viewed as investments – not expenses.  The old adage “build it and they will come” doesn’t apply to most businesses.  You have to tell people – repeatedly – why they need your products and services.  Expose your target audience to your logo, tagline, products and services on a regular basis, and THEN you’re on your way to developing a relevant clientele and a steady revenue stream.

A strong Public Relations strategy is essential to building your clientele and your brand.  These are our top reasons why your business needs a solid PR approach:

Media Relationships:  A good PR agency maintains strong relationships with the media and reporters.  They pass on these benefits to their clients, which generally translates into media coverage of the business or brand. Your business has a far better chance of being positioned in the press when there is a behind-the-scenes relationship that facilitates the process.

 Control the Message:  If you provide the story to the media, then you control the message. A solid PR strategy crafts your message so that it focuses on the aspects of your business or products or services that you want to highlight.

Increased Exposure:  When your company is mentioned in the press, it’s another way to increase your brand exposure and brand recognition.  The more the public sees and hears your name, the better chance you have of being their product or service of choice.

Increase your SEO:  When your business is featured in articles or in the news, your business gains additional links, which increases SEO and expands your brand reach.

Sounding Board:  A team of strong Public Relations professionals will hone in on the aspects of your business or products and services to highlight and assist in positioning them in the public eye.  Seasoned PR executives understand the value of a compelling story or new product line and they navigate the public space to ensure that your approach is on target and steers clear of any potential hiccups or conflicts of interest.

Need help bringing your business or brand into the public eye? Having trouble conceptualizing your business or brand’s story or skirting the potential public snafus?  We’re here to take the pressure off.  Contact the experts at Echo Social Media and Marketing.  We fine-tune your public image, manage the press and generate positive exposure for your company so that you can get back to doing what you do best:  running your business.

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