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Founded in 2010, Echo Marketing & Media provides strategic marketing, media and public relations strategies and services. We have a fully bilingual (English/Spanish) staff and we manage a diverse group of clients and industries: from international brands to small businesses and professionals
and non-profits alike.

Echo crafts and implements custom, results-driven marketing, media and public relations strategies that take your business or brand to the next level. We ensure that your company is consistently worthy of a 5-star review! Our solutions give your business increased exposure and convert impressions to sales. Experience the Echo difference.

What We Do

Your business deserves more than a cookie-cutter marketing and media strategy. At Echo, we’re committed to understanding your business, expanding your brand footprint and driving revenues. Your success is our success. At Echo, we do more than scratch the surface.

Our custom-built marketing, media & public relations strategies increase brand recognition, heighten brand exposure and boost digital traffic and brand engagement, ultimately impacting sales and revenues. Not only do we design and build solid, results-driven strategies tailored to each client’s needs, but we also assist at each step of the implementation process.


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Susan Linning

Ms. Linning has been involved in social media and digital, integrated marketing since 2008. She is a seasoned professional with an extensive client list and she has significant experience developing social media and marketing strategies for an array of industries. Prior to launching Echo, she was the Senior Director of Sales for PanAmSat Corp. Previously, she held positions in Investment & Corporate Banking with Oppenheimer Co. in New York City and BANAMEX in Mexico City.

Echo Staff

Echo employs a team of experts in copywriting, content procurement, social media management, graphic design, website design and development and SEO. The Social Media and Marketing team at Echo has significant experience providing leadership, guidance and strategy implementation to a diverse group of clients and industries.

What We Can Do For You
At Echo, we spend a considerable amount of time getting to know our clients, their products and services, business model and target markets. Based on research....
We work closely with our clients to understand their mission and goals. We write and distribute press releases and editorial content to both online and traditio....
It’s not just what you say – it’s how you say it! The Echo team understands the importance of using appropriate and captivating language while also engaging....
The possibilities are endless! We work with both traditional and new media outlets such as social media platforms, local and national newspapers and magazines....
Our team has the expertise, creative skills and strong vendor relationships to plan, promote and manage special events, grand openings, galas, fundraisers and m....
A boring or confusing website can be devastating for business! In this fast-paced, increasingly online world, it is essential to create an engaging, appealing....
Echo provides detailed studies of the online competition, as well as our clients’ current social media strategy. We include comparative strategies and analysis, trends, what’s working and...
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