Working with the client, Echo develops and executes a social media and integrated marketing strategy. We develop daily, custom content specific to our client’s brand and industry and we effectively become their online voice, maintaining the two-way conversation and increasing engagement between the corporation/brand and their constituents. We also drive traffic to our clients’ pages, thereby heightening brand recognition and exposure and ultimately influencing sales and revenues.

The social media and marketing team at Echo has significant experience providing leadership, guidance and strategy implementation to a diverse group of clients and industries. Not only do we design and build a solid, results-driven digital marketing and social media strategy tailored to your needs, but we also guide you and your team and assist you at each step of the implementation process. We brainstorm on issues and matters that arise and we provide solutions and tools to increase fan and follower base, improve engagement and heighten brand awareness and brand recognition.

Not only do we create content and update your social media pages on a daily basis (or multiple times a day), but we also deal with customer feedback, questions and (gasp!) complaints. We take the hassle out of managing your social media pages so that you can focus on the real work…running your business.

An online presence is a powerful tool for any company. It allows you to personalize relationships with customers, clients, suppliers, distributors, patients and vendors. Without an online presence, you simply aren’t competing. You aren’t even in the game. And if you have a long-term business strategy, your company can’t afford to be left behind!